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hello i am Mitchell Kenney i dont know if u remember me but we bought a cavapoo from you and i just wanted to send u an update and a picture (p.s. are pic is no on the puppies sold just saying =] ) well she is going really good and everyone in are family loves her and she is really well trained. EVERYONE on are block loves he also they says she is the cutest dog on are block. Well i just wanted to let you know how she is doing and here is a picture of me on my graduation gay with Mia and are other dog K.C. (K.C. is 10 years old) and another picture that i love. I hope you love it too!!

Mitchell Kenney
and the Kenney family



Hi Robin,

I just thought I'd send you some pictures of Moe and Sadie who we adopted about a year and a half ago. If you remember Sadie, she trailed you all over the place and was the ugly duckling, but she has definitely grown into a swan!

My boyfriend and his mom, the zivin family, came to pick them out, if you remember.
Hope all is well,


Hi Robin -
I bought Charlie from you in 2004. He has far exceeded my expectations as a companion. He's not only smart but is by far one of the most loveable dogs I've ever encountered. I've considered getting him a brother or sister at some point but don't often see the Boston Beagles listed anymore. I'd love to know if/when you have any available. Attached is a picture of my baby boy. Thanks for offering such wonderful pets!
Jennifer Ruffolo

I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you about Lola.  I bought her from Pups for Kids in the beginning of July.  Lola is half Yorkie, half mini Schnauzer.  Everyone who meets her loves her like crazy and wants to take her home!  What a problem to have!!  She has a great temperament and is extremely smart.  Recently, I taught her to ring a bell that hangs from our back door for when she wants to go outside.  I really lucked out when I found such a great dog.  Do you have any business cards that you can send me?  When I take her on walks I get asked several times a week as to where I bought her.  Once I even ran into someone who bought their dog from you too!  What a small world.  Attached are pictures of Lola.  She is 9 lbs 7 oz now.  You can show them to people who are curious as to how the yorkie/schnauzer mix looks when it "grows up".
 Kind Regards,


Hi Robin,
We love the new addition to our family.  He's the best, such a sweet temperament, really spunky!  My husband and boys love him.

Thanks so much.

Jill Frishman
Buffalo Grove


Good Morning Robin,
Paul and I purchased a Havanese puppy from you on Saturday. I wanted to tell you that she is the sweetest little puppy and we are having the time of our life with her. She is so good!!  She became best buds with our 18-1/2 lb. cat Charlie and follows him around constantly
I took her to our vet at Northbrook Animal Clinic and she is healthy as can be!
Robin, I can’t thank you enough for our little Abby. I feel truly blessed that we found her and that she is now a part of our family.
I would be happy to be a reference for you if you’d like to add me to your list.
Take Care and thanks again!!
Paula Keats-Ward


Dear RobIn,
We want to thank you so much for sending us the most precious pooch. You picked out the perfect dog for us! "Rocky" is getting well adjusted to being spoiled! I know we had chosen the name "Jake", but when we saw him, he turned out to look more like "our Rock". We also appreciated how quick you had him delivered to us. I would use American Airlines for all your shipping.  They were right on time, and handed him to us right away after they took my identification. We will recommend you to all our friends here in Florida. Thanks again.
                                      Jody and Howard Steinlauf


Hi Robin,
Just wanted to let you know that Bailey, our new little cockapoo is doing wonderfully.  He's eating and going to potty -- so, I think he is adjusting well.  My girls just love him.  There certainly are no shortages of kisses for him!
We've scheduled his vet vistit for Wednesday.  We'll keep you posted.  Here is a picture of him.



Dear Robin,
Thanks again for all of your help on our puppy purchase.  We bought the black Schnoodle that we picked up on x-mas day.  So far everything has gone great and after 3 weeks we finally decided to name him Rocco.  I'm attaching a picture of Rocco, with Adam for your website.
Thanks again for everything,
Randy and Lynn Weinberg


Just wanted to thank you for our Yorkie Bichon that we got from you a few weeks ago. We named her Amber (since our last name is Gers she's Amber Gers "say it fast... Hamburgers".
Amber is sweet and we are both quite happy. She's so socialized and goes up to other dogs and puts both of her paws on their faces and kisses them. It's so funny!   Here are some pictures at this link below and one of the 3 of us attached.

The Gers


Dear Robin,
    Hi Robin this is Matt Gitlin!  Could you put this picture up on your website?  We named her KC...aka-Killer Canine! Because shes such a doll!  You were so right. She has the best disposition and my dad who's never had a dog just adores her!  Thanks for the best dog ever!
     The Gitlins


We love our Goldendoodle...who we have named Sally :)
Here is a picture of her with our 2 boys for your website.
She has gotten so big and has been really good at training in the house and loves the snow!!

Thanks again,
Christie Piser


Dear Robin-
We bought our Bichonpoo in April 2008. We named her Lucy. Lucy is so sweet. My girls Livi (5) and Addison (3) adore Lucy. Lucy is also loved and spoiled by my 4 grown son's when they are home from college.Lucy is a perfect fit for our family. I have attached a few pictures of Lucy with my girls.





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